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I'm still alive

I do plan to start iconing again soon. It will be season 13 of ER as soon as I can get the entire thing downloaded. Yep, I'm behind. I've had serious real life issues from health stuff to financial turmoil, but I've just recently gotten back into playing with PS and PSP. I now remember how much I truly love it. Sort of in a state of bliss when creating :-)

Unfortunately, my hard drive died around this time last year and I ended up losing all seasons of ER except for 12. So any prior seasons will have to wait. I'm not sure if I'll be doing icons of Season 14. Probably only the episodes featuring Goran Visnjic.

Also look for House and Six Feet Under icons. I already have all of Six Feet Under, and seasons 1 & 2 of House.
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luby SBF red

Health problems.

Just wanted to let everyone know why I've once again disappeared. This summer has been tough. Recent tests show I'm having liver problems, and my potassium and iron levels are low. I've been pretty sick, and we are currently trying to find out why.

So I won't be around for awhile. Health stuff sucks.
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SBF luby pink love

Eeeps - computer problems and stuff

Just a little note to say I haven't disappeared again. A few things have been keeping me away. My old graphics card died (blah) and had to be replaced, I'm having some issues with memory in my computer as well and on top of all that I've been feeling pretty yucky from allergies and health stuff.

Good news is graphics card is replaced, memory is on the way and I'm feeling a tiny bit better. I really do hope to get some icons up soon. I figure I have all summer to work on season 13, right? ;)
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i turn to you

Just some random thoughts and a general warning

Alrighty, I should probably mention where I've been for so long. Most of you already know, I have lupus as well as some other health problems. It's been one hell of a year with my health. I've also had quite a lot of drama in that world they call "real life". Nothing good, I might add. Struggling financially and under A LOT of stress right now.

That said, other things have been more important than icons and ER. Still are, but I'm trying to come back at least a bit. Still under an insane amount of stress and therefore, I'm moody. So be warned. I'm also probably a bit more opinionated and a lot more likely to speak my mind. If you don't like what I have to say then you are more than welcome to take a hike. This is, after all, my journal. :P

I do plan on making icons, although I know for a fact to start they will not be as good as my old ones and probably never as good as the ones you see in some other people's journals. It's been a long time and I've been through a hell of a lot. I don't remember all of my old techniques. I'll be doing a lot of experimenting and hopefully can come up with some that people will at least somewhat enjoy. Sometimes I prefer just plain old icons myself rather than the fancier ones you see about. So expect some fairly plain ones.

I will be doing icons of ALL season 13 characters - even if I don't particularly care for them. That means you will even be able to find Gates icons here. Yep - Gates. I can't stand the man myself, but that never stopped me from doing Clemente during season 12. I also know a lot of my old friends are roomies, and I will really try not to disappoint. I will be definitely doing quite a few Ray/Neela icons. I'm not a huge roomie fan myself, but I do like the pair and agree that these two belong together. :)

And of course, Luby.. lots and lots of Luby. As I said, my icons may not compare to others, but as long as at least one person out there enjoys them - that's all that matters to me. :)

Now that I'm done generally bitching, I should also say thank you to those of you who stayed friends with me even though I've been away so very long. Even more thank you's to those of you who left me messages checking on me while I've been gone. I am very sorry I didn't return those messages sooner, but I cannot express how much I appreciate them. Good friends make the icons worth making! :D
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luby wedding

Luby Wedding Icons

Just a few icons to get me started again. After all, it has been a long time! These are pretty plain, but I like them just the same. Hope you will too. :) More to come soon.

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lj icon 2

Still around

I'm baaackkk! The luby wedding brought me out of hiding! Not sure how quickly I'll be making more icons, but there will definitely be some. It's been almost a year though and I'm pretty rusty. You've been warned.

I've also had to downgrade to a free account. Financial problems making it pretty much impossible to keep paying for Live Journal.
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Crazy life

Sorry all. Things are crazy right now. I'm dealing with health issues, flooding (yeah - the basement's still a mess), financial problems and a whole mess of other crapola. I don't have much time to be online anymore. Hope to be back to icon making real soon.

I have a new nephew :). He was born June 29th and is the first child of my brother and his wife.

Again, hope to be back soon.
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Ok, I should go off the computer now to deal with said-flooding, but I couldn't help but notice Jenn's jensucks dungeon adventures so I had to try it out myself. I just got this...

You are in an enormous arena. The mosaic floor shows taylor hicks.
You quaff the potion marked 'LIBERTINE1977'. It tastes like luka kovac.

MMMMMMMMMMM - luka goodness!

I'll post the whole thing shortly...

Well, that was quick. Thanks, Andy :P I didn't even get a chance to worship my figurine of Ash. It's official... I suck.

I died in the Dungeon of Autumnfoxx

I was killed in a cobwebbed corridor by Andy2301 the giant spider, whilst carrying...

a Figurine of Shadow Diva, the Shield of Lovely Obsessed, the Amulet of Theresajean and 10 gold pieces.

Score: 42

Explore the Dungeon of Autumnfoxx and try to beat this score,
or enter your username to generate and explore your own dungeon...

*Sigh* Back to reality.
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Water, water everywhere :(

I'm one of the lucky folks who lives in the eastern part of the US and was hit by terrible flooding. As most of you may already know, my basement leaks. Well right now it's a friggin swimming pool.. for real. I'm in Pennsylvania, only a few short hours from Wilkesbarrel which was slammed and is making national news, and only thirty minutes away from the Susquehanna River. The house isn't under water (thank God), but the basement is such a mess it's scary. Because of this, I will not be online for awhile. I need to try and get this mess sorted out.

I hope everyone else on the east coast is ok. I know some places have their entire homes under water, and I'm grateful it hasn't come to that here. I doubt that it will since we don't live near any creeks or streams, but we can't afford to have the basement fixed so right now it's horrible. It's a lot to deal with, and I'm trying my best. I'll be back with icons as soon as I can be.
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